Harmony Sage Triple-weave Pencil Pleat Ready Made Curtain


The size given refers to the length of the track the curtains will fit, if you purchase a pair of curtains measuring 175cm – 250cm wide x 220cm drop you will receive two curtains that will fit a track up to 250cm wide and are 220cm long.

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Harmony Pencil Pleat Curtain is a subtle leaf print on smooth textured triple-weave fabric, perfect for living area’s or the bedrooms. Triple-weave fabric is amazing and resilient, created from 3 layers of yarn woven together, with black yarn used in the middle layer to give up to 75% light blockout. The final product drapes beautifully and due to the polyester composition is naturally mould resistant and washable with care..

These are top quality curtains. It blocks out 80% of light and 80% of UV ray. It prevents sun from damaging upholstery, protect your furniture, Insulate from heat and cold, reduce outside noise.

You are very welcome to view the curtains in our store before you buy it. (Colo Curtains)

Classic pencil pleat so you can adjust the width of the curtains from a certain range to fit in different windows.

All the sizes available: (measurements for 2 curtains after pleating)
S: Width 80cm – 140cm (Gathered) x Drop 160cm – $66
S+: Width 140cm – 220cm (Gathered) x Drop 160cm – $90
M: Width 80cm – 140cm (Gathered) x Drop 205cm – $82
M+: Width 140cm – 220cm (Gathered) x Drop 205cm – $110
L: Width 220cm – 270cm (Gathered) x Drop 160cm – $126
XL: Width 220cm – 270cm (Gathered) x Drop 205cm – $140
Super: Width 270cm – 340cm (Gathered) x Drop 205cm – $170

The measurements are for 2 curtains after pleating..

We custom make curtains too.

***How to choose the curtains size:
Width – Measure the width of your curtains track. If no track yet, Measure the inside window frame from edge to edge and allow enough space at each side for stacking purposes, we recommend 20cm each side.

Drop – Measure from the top of the curtain track to where you want the drop of the curtain to finish. If no track yet, We recommend installing the track at least 5-10cm above your window