Florentine Sand Readymade Curtain drapes – 4 sizes


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One Pair of Florentine Sand Readymade Curtain

These curtains are not coated like conventional Blockout fabrics but feature Multiple Layers of very tightly woven 300 denier Polyester yarn to achieve the Blockout effect. As a result they are naturally insulating and reduce exterior noise, providing you with privacy and peace.
Blocks out up to 99% of light emitted into the room.

You are very welcome to view the curtains in our store before you buy it. (Colo Curtains)

Classic pencil pleat so you can adjust the width of the curtains from a certain range to fit in different windows.

All the sizes available: (measurements for 2 curtains after pleating)
Size S: 90cm – 150cm with 160cm drop – $39.95
Size M+: 150cm – 230cm with 205cm drop – $69.99
Size L: 230cm – 300cm with 160cm drop – $79.99
siZE XL: 230cm – 300cm with 205cm drop – $99.99

***How to choose the curtains size:

Width – Measure the width of your curtains track. If no track yet, Measure the inside window frame from edge to edge and allow enough space at each side for stacking purposes, we recommend 20cm each side.

Drop – Measure from the top of the curtain track to where you want the drop of the curtain to finish. If no track yet, We recommend installing the track at least 5-10cm above your window